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Our eagle youngsters are growing stronger and bigger daily!  Attached is another update with a couple photos.  In addition, there are two interesting links I thought some of you might enjoy.

As always, if you no longer want these updates, just let me know.  If someone wants to be added, I just need their email and I will be happy to add them to our group of about 60 people….some who live out of the area but enjoy following the nest.





















​Eagle update 3-21-21 A lot is happening at the nest so here is another update! First, the two youngsters are now standing on the edge of the nest….just as we predicted would be their next activity. There are both doing practice wing flapping to get ready for flight. We can expect them to try to fly sometime in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Michelle W reports one ventured to the edge to stand about 3/13 and the second, most likely the younger, has been seen on the edge since about 3/16.

Here are two items you might like:
Shared by Pam S: Close up of How an Eagle Blinks:












I found this great post about the stages from a juvenile to adult with pictures of how the head coloration changes and lots more great info!

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